Message from CCM

The Country Coordinating Mechanism Nigeria membership renewal was completed in June 2015 for three year term renewable for those that have just done one term. By June ending 2018 all the constituencies membership are due for renewal and the selection/election process will commence by January 2018 in anticipation of early completion of the renewal process.


In accordance with the CCM Nigeria Constitution and the Global Fund Guidelines,  members representing non-government constituencies to be selected by their own constituencies based on a documented, transparent process, developed within each constituency.  


Other CCM member from CSO, Private, Bilateral, Multilateral, Faith Based Organisation and Academia constituencies selection process is expected to be initiated by their own constituency  based on clear criteria, and should take into account relevant  working programme experience in AIDS, TB or malaria and the member’s ability to network within and with other constituency.

Documentation of the CCM member selection process should be made publicly available and submitted to CCM Secretariat.  CCMs will publish membership details, and constituencies will develop terms of reference for their members, and review member performance to ensure accountability to the constituency. In addition, each constituency represented on CCM is expected to subbmit an active annual workplan upon which the activities of the constituency could be appraised.


As a member,  NGO Constituency have the following responsibilities though not exhaustive:

Ø  Ensuring that the CCM activities is part of what is discussed at the top management of the NGO

Ø  Share information with all members of the NGO  and its membership which it belongs.

Ø  Submit comments and input on the CCM Nigeria Global Fund grants

Ø  Participate actively in all the CCM Nigeria constituency activities

Ø  Advocate and mobilize resources to ensure effective functionality of the CCM Nigeria.

Ø  Endorsing the bi-annual CCM Nigeria Work plan and Budget etc