The Secretariat

Many countries have found it useful to establish a CCM Secretariat to assist the CCM to conduct its business by providing the necessary administrative, secretarial, communications, and logistical support. Secretariats may also fulfil roles supporting working and technical groups set up by the CCM. CCM Nigeria Secretariat In Nigeria, a CCM Secretariat has been established with responsibilities set out in the CCM Constitution. These responsibilities are as follows:


a. To organize, manage, and oversee the CCM Secretariat, including development and implementation of a financial plan and a work plan

b. To support the CCM, its committees, and task teams in their meetings and activities

c. To collect and circulate information and reports from the Global Fund, principal recipients (PR)s, and other stakeholders and sources useful to the CCM members and committees

d. To support grant and PR oversight

e. To support proposal development and harmonisation

f. To support and contribute to CCM communications and representation

g. To support and contribute actively to fund-raising

h. To establish meeting minutes, archives, and documentation of CCM membership and activities as required by the Global Fund i. To manage and report on funds awarded to the CCM and the CCM Secretariat j. To support CCM membership renewal. The Web site for the CCM Nigeria is maintained by the Secretariat and provides contact information for the Secretariat.The CCM Secretariat functions are set out in the Secretariat Operations Manual, which may be accessed on CCM Nigeria website. The manual sets out in detail the procedures and activities of the Secretariat in accord with five broad functions; namely:


1. Organisation and functioning of CCM/Nigeria management and support structures

2. Harmonisation with other support structures

3. Management of proposal design process for Global Fund projects

4. Monitoring, oversight, and evaluation of Global Fund project implementation

5. Creation and circulation of minutes and information on Global Fund activities.