What is Global Fund

What Is the Global Fund?

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund) was established in 2001 "to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world’s most devastating diseases, and to direct those resources to areas of greatest need." The Global Fund was founded on the following set of principles and objectives:

To operate as a financial instrument, not an implementing entity
To make available and leverage additional financial resources
To support programs that reflect national ownership
To operate in a balanced manner in terms of different regions, diseases, and interventions
To pursue an integrated and balanced approach to prevention and treatment
To evaluate proposals through independent review processes
To establish a simplified, rapid, and innovative grant-making process and operate transparently, with accountability

The principles are fully described in the Global Fund’s Framework Document. As of November 2008, the Global Fund had committed $14.9 billion in 140 countries to support aggressive interventions against all three diseases. The Global Fund Web site (http://www.theglobalfund.org/en/) provides access to a wide range of resource material and reports on its activities.

The Global Fund strives to ensure that national resources already committed to a national program are not displaced (or duplicated) through funding from an approved proposal (i.e., it ensures additionality in funding support). Whereas the Global Fund does not require direct attribution of specific interventions to Global Fund financial contributions, that applicants for grants must provide a summary of the additional achievements or outcomes for the national program that will arise from the provision of Global Fund support.