What is a PR and its responsibility?

A major responsibility of CCMs is to "Select one or more appropriate organisations to act as the Principal Recipient(s) (PRs) for the Global Fund grant" (Clause 7 of the Global Fund Guidelines on the Purpose, Structure and Composition of the Country Coordinating Mechanism).Clause 8 of the Fiduciary Arrangements for Grant Recipients sets out the role of the PR as being legally responsible for program results and accountability. That document notes (Clause 9) that PRs must ensure that effective arrangements are put in place for: (i) Disbursement of funds to all implementing entities (sub-recipients)(ii) Procurement and supply management(iii) Monitoring and evaluation, including periodic reporting on program results and financial accountability to the Global Fund and the CCM.The full responsibilities of PRs are set out in the Grant Agreement entered into between the Global Fund and the PR.The PR implements the programme as described in Annex A (Programme Implementation Description) of the Grant Agreement. The annex outlines the programme details such as the goals, objectives, beneficiaries, strategies, planned activities, targets, and the budget. These details are determined by the CCM working closely with all stakeholders during the proposal development stage, and are submitted to the Global Fund for approval and funding.