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Title:                                             Executive Secretary, Nigeria Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)

Reports to:                                  CCM Executive Committee

Responsible for:                        Oversight Officer                      

                                                          Finance and Administration Officer,

                                                          Ethics Officer

                                                          C19RM Coordination Officer and Others                            


Job Purpose

Provide overall leadership and management of the Secretariat of the Nigeria Country Coordination Mechanism, consistent with Global Fund’s “CCM Policy Including Principles and Requirements”[1]  and Code of Ethical Conduct for CCM Members[2], and in accordance with the provisions and requirements of all CCM Nigeria framework documents (Constitution, Governance Manual, Conflict of Interest Policy, Financial Management and Procedural Manual, Human Resource Manual, Code of Conduct, PR/SR Selection Manual and Oversight Plan).

Specific Responsibilities and Tasks 

The Executive Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer of the CCM Secretariat and will perform the specific responsibilities with a commitment to country-led and driven programs that ensure participation of multiple interested stakeholders and tasks as outlined below.

  • Provide direct management of CCM and active supervision of the CCM Secretariat activities and operations, consistent with Global Fund guidelines and requirements for CCMs, and the policies and procedures of the CCM Nigeria Constitution, Governance Manual, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Oversight Plan etc.
  1. Provide active, engaged supervision and management of all CCM Secretariat technical and administrative staff.
  2. Oversee and ensure effective operational activities of the CCM, its Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, and the Secretariat.
  3. Ensure transparent and efficient use of CCM resources (finances, personnel, assets)
  4. Develop and coordinate the implementation of CCM Work Plans and Budget.
  5. Develop fundraising strategies, identify potential donors, and leverage additional financial resources to expand and enhance the Secretariat support to the CCM overall activities.
  6. Represent the CCM and the Secretariat at local and international meetings and conferences, as approved by the CCM Executive Committee/Chair.
  7. Develop terms of reference for all CCM Secretariat Staff.
  8. Conduct annual performance reviews/assessments of all Secretariat staff. Work with the CCM Chairperson and Oversight Chair.
  9. Complete the CCM Integrated Performance Framework.
  10. Provide support to the Global Fund Country Team and other stakeholders from the Global Fund, for example, Board members and parliamentarians.
  • Provide leadership, active management, and support for the development and implementation of country Funding Requests to the Global Fund and grant making processes.
  1. Provide technical support to Resource Mobilization Committee and any related sub-committees in developing roadmap towards completion of essential components of the Funding Request process.
  2. Ensure circulation of Global Fund guidelines and other relevant documentation related to preparation of Funding Requests to the CCM (Chair, Vice-Chairs, CCM members, and Executive, Resource Mobilization and Oversight Committees).
  3. Ensure provision of necessary technical and administrative support to relevant proposal development committees and technical working groups in preparation of Call for Expressions of Interest, including prominent and widespread advertising for Expressions of Interest.
  4. Facilitate logistical and administrative arrangements to support country dialogue processes, epi-analysis, programmatic and financial gaps analysis including preparation and dissemination of full records of such undertakings.
  5. Distribute draft Funding Requests to CCM members, stakeholders outside CCM and facilitate obtaining the signature of CCM members for final Funding Request submission.
  6. Support the grant pre-signature preparations.
  7. Transmit completed Funding Requests electronically to the Global Fund and document same at CCM Secretariat.
  8. Facilitate submission of major modifications in grant implementation including reprogramming requests as approved by the CCM.
  9. Submit responses to requests for clarification made by the Global Fund Secretariat.


  • Provide leadership and active administrative and management support in nominating Principal Recipients

Ensure Circulation of Global Fund guidelines for nomination of Principal Recipients to Chair, Vice-Chairs, CCM members, Executive, Resource Mobilization, Oversight, and other Committees.

  1. Ensure coordination of public advertisement for Expressions of Interest for Principal Recipients
  2. Ensure compilation of responses to Request for Proposals for benefit of Resource Mobilization and Funding Request Development or similar Committee.
  3. Provide formal notification of selected Principal Recipients to all stakeholders.
  4. Ensure comprehensive documentation of the entire nomination process is maintained and archived.
  • Ensure active administrative and management support for oversight of Global Fund grants and identify and resolve implementation issues and bottlenecks.
  1. Ensure Principal Recipients’ (PR) effective development and utilization of systems, methods, and procedures (including, particularly, the CCM Grant Dashboard) for generating and reporting information on grant performance and implementation.
  2. Ensure effective administrative and technical support, along with the CCM Secretariat Oversight Officer, for Oversight Committee meetings, site or field visits, and the investigation and resolution of problems, issues, or bottlenecks in grant implementation.
  3. Ensure Oversight Committee meetings and consultations hold as needed with non-CCM stakeholders about implementation and oversight of all grants.
  4. Ensure CCM commitment to country-led and driven programs that ensure participation of multiple interested stakeholders in the grant implementation oversight.
  • Provide direct logistical and administrative support to Executive Committee and oversee logistical and administrative support to all CCM and its subcommittees meetings.
  1. Serve as secretary to all regular and extraordinary meetings of the CCM and its Committees.
  2. Prepare calendar and circulate notices and agendas for meetings of the CCM and its standing Committees, along with relevant supporting documentation.
  3. Compile data, archive and keep records of CCM communications and relevant documentation.
  4. Track cross-cutting issues across committees/subcommittees to ensure coherence in decision-making.
  5. Maintain a list of all approved decisions of CCM and the Executive Committee and provide status reports on implementation as required.
  6. Brief Chair and Vice-Chairs on key policy and operational issues arising from the operations of the CCM and its Committees.
  • Coordinate the processes for the election of CCM Chair and Vice-Chairs.
  1. Provide formal notification to all CCM members on the impending expiration of term of office of Chair and Vice-Chairs and invite nominations to fill vacancies.
  2. Coordinate the selection of a committee to oversee the elections of Chair and Vice-Chairs.
  3. Prepare full minutes of the meeting related to the election of CCM Chair and Vice-Chairs.
  4. Issue public notification of names of new Chair and Vice-Chairs and conduct orientation.
  • Oversee and ensure effective and timely membership renewal processes among all CCM constituencies.
  1. Ensure that constituencies receive timely notification of expiration of term of office for members and alternates.
  2. Ensure provision of logistical, administrative, and technical support provided to constituencies in scheduling and conducting constituency elections.
  3. Ensure tracking of members’ participation in CCM meetings, according to procedures and guidelines in the CCM Governance Manual.
  4. Facilitate the termination of membership whenever required.
  5. Ensure archival of duly completed and signed minutes of constituency elections.
  6. Ensure organization and conduct of orientation for “new” members and refresher training for “old” members.
  • Coordinate process for regular review and update of all CCM framework documents and conduct training to ensure compliance by all CCM members.
  1. Support periodic review and revision of all CCM framework documents (Constitution (including ethical guidance), Governance Manual, Conflict of Interest Policy, Financial Management and Procedural Manual, and Oversight Plan).
  2. Ensure CCM approval for revised components of the CCM framework documents.
  3. Facilitate on-going training on the content and application of the CCM framework documents.
  4. Orientate CCM members on any new or updated governance guidance from the Global Fund
  • Coordinate all activities related to CCM Integrated Performance Tool (IPF) assessment, to determine the CCM’s eligibility status and functioning, develop, and implement Performance Improvement Plan based on the four performance areas of Oversight, Engagement, Positioning and Operations, and update information on Global Fund website.
  1. Engage technical services for undertaking IPF Assessment or collaborate with Global Fund financed technical assistance.
  2. Provide direction, oversight, and support to secretariat staff for Performance Improvement Plan activities.
  3. Monitor progress in implementation of the Performance Improvement Plan.
  • Coordinate CCM communication and information-sharing
  1. Ensure tracking of all Global Fund-related information and keep l CCM members, PRs and relevant stakeholders updated on all changes and developments.
  2. Ensure circulation of CCM foundation documents to new CCM and returning CCM members.
  3. Ensure the completion and archiving of annual declaration of conflict-of-interest forms to help mitigate conflict of interest on the CCM and annual adherence to the Ethical Code of Conduct for CCM members.
  4. Ensure documentation of all problems and solutions, policy concerns and formulations, best practices, success stories and lessons learned related to all the GFATM Grant Cycles in Nigeria.
  5. Interface with and liaise with stakeholders (other government, development partners, private sector) to strengthen appropriate positioning of the CCM and document necessary linkages between the CCM and all other significant coordinating platforms in Nigeria.
  6. Ensure the preparation, production, and dissemination of Annual Report of the CCM to all stakeholders.
  7. Ensure the CCM members complete the modules on the ILearn Platform
  8. Facilitate credible and verified community input being brought to CCM discussions.


Key Outputs

  1. Formally adopted Performance Improvement Plan which actively addresses areas of noncompliance.  CCM eligibility status, as well as progress in implementing the Performance Improvement Plan, is updated routinely on the Global Fund CCM website.
  2. Provide effective leadership to Secretariat staff, and serves as a hands-on, engaged manager in directing and supporting their work.  Secretariat staff understand their roles and responsibilities and work together as an effective management team supporting the functions and activities of the CCM.
  3. CCM Committees and teams to develop funding requests, nominate PRs, conduct grant oversight, and mobilise CCM resources receive effective administrative, financial, and logistical support from Secretariat staff.  The Executive Committee receives effective administrative, financial, and logistical support from the Executive Secretary
  4. CCM members receive adequate notification of CCM meetings (by email, fax, or letter), including documentation for review prior to the meeting, as required by the CCM Constitution and Governance Manual.   CCM members receive complete and clearly written minutes within seven days of each meeting, as required by the Constitution.
  5. The CCM has a complete and current communications strategy and annual communication plan.  Regular CCM communications shared and disseminated through various media and channels, including a CCM website, other online communications, print materials, public events, and radio / TV coverage.
  6. CCM membership is regularly renewed according to the requirements and schedules of the CCM Constitution and Governance Manual.  Updated and accurate membership records specifying the terms, constituency affiliations, and contact information for all CCM Members and Alternates
  7. CCM finances are accounted for and reported in a timely and transparent manner, with financial reports prepared and submitted to CCM members and the Global Fund according to required schedules.  The Financial Management Manual and Procurement Plans are updated periodically so that they remain current.
  8. Conflict of Interest policies are adopted and revised, as needed, and are adhered to by CCM members, along with the Ethical Code of Conduct for CCM Members, and Secretariat staff in meetings and CCM activities.   Annual Conflict of Interest Declaration forms are current and maintained to be accessible as needed.
  9. A three-year CCM work plan and budget are submitted to and approved by the Global Fund and are monitored by the CCM Executive Committee/CCM general assembly.
  10. CCM Nigeria framework documents (Constitution, Governance Manual, Conflict of Interest Policy, Financial Management and Procedural Manual, and Oversight Plan) are reviewed, revised, and approved as needed.

Personal Specifications:


  1. An Honours bachelor’s degree from a recognized University.
  2. Master’s Degree in: Public Health, Healthcare Management, Public Administration, International Development from a recognized Institution.
  • Experience
  1. Minimum of 10 years of demonstrated experience in successfully managing large- scale social sector-funded programs and/or HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and Resilient and Sustainable System for Health (RSSH) activities in Nigeria or abroad.
  2. Familiarity and experience in working with government and non-government systems.
  3. Knowledge and understanding of Global Fund guidelines and processes is an added advantage.
  4. Track record of strong commitment to sharing knowledge, documenting experience, and supporting creative initiatives.
  5. Proven ability to anticipate length and difficulty of tasks, set project objectives, multitask, anticipate problems, and evaluate results.
  6. Proven ability to work under pressure and delivery of results with examples.
  • Competences
  1. Sound knowledge of public/private partnership
  2. Demonstrated skills in planning, organizing, oversighting, and managing the work of teams, committees, and ad hoc work groups.
  3. Ability to prioritize task assignments and use resources effectively and efficiently.
  4. Data Analysis, information compilation and report writing.
  5. Strong facilitation, partnership, and relationship-building, negotiating, and influencing skills especially within a complex public, private, donor, and implementing partner environments.
  6. Self-starter with competence to assess priorities, manage a variety of complex activities in a time-sensitive/emergency environment, and meet competing deadlines and ability to work with minimum direct supervision.
  7. Solid computer skills to include proficiency using email, word processing and spread sheet applications, preferably Microsoft Office applications.
  8. Communication skills both oral and written.
  9. Understanding of and ability to advance efforts of Resource Mobilization Committee in raising additional funds for CCM budget augmentation.


Only electronic applications will be accepted. Interested individuals are required to submit an expression of interest together with a full CV (MS word format), cover letter and supporting documents, highlighting experience and skills. Applications should be emailed to with the position applied for as the subject of the e-mail copying

[1] ccm_countrycoordinatingmechanism_policy_en.pdf (’s

[2] core_codeofethicalconductforccmmembers_policy_en.pdf (

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