CCM's Malaria Grant

In 2021, the Global Fund financed the procurement of 65 million PBO nets to provide better malaria control in areas of pyrethroid insecticide resistance, accounting for 51% of the total insecticide-treated nets ordered through the Pooled Procurement Mechanism – up from 30 million procured in 2020. Pyrethroid insecticides are inexpensive, effective, safe for the environment, and they are the primary content for the insecticide-treated nets that are in use globally. However, malaria mosquitoes developing resistance to pyrethroid have been documented, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where malaria burden is the highest in the world, jeopardizing the strongest tool in the prevention toolbox.

Principal Recipients of the Malaria Grant

Catholic Relief Services - United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

(CRS Nigeria)

National Malaria Elimination Program


Sub-Recipients of the Malaria Grant

Malaria Consortium


Society For Family Health


Civil Society in Malaria Control, Immunization and Nutrition


Management Sciences for Health


Kwara State

Gombe State

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