Technical Review Panel (TRP)

Technical Review Panel

The Technical Review Panel (TRP) is an independent body of international experts in HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and cross-cutting subject areas who are tasked by the Global Fund to advise whether the planned interventions will help achieve the objectives and goal(s) of the proposal. The TRP reviews proposals on the basis of criteria set out in the guidelines decreed by the Global Fund for each round of grants. Specifically, the TRP seeks proposals that demonstrate potential in the following categories:

Soundness of approach


Potential of sustainability and impact.

If an applicant submits a proposal for more than one disease, each disease component will be reviewed separately by the TRP.
The Terms of Reference of the TRP provides more information on its role, membership, and operational arrangements.

More information on the TRP is available at the Global Fund’s website at

The Global Fund strongly encourages applicants for grants to read Reports by the TRP on the consideration of funding applications in the various funding rounds for lessons learned before